’s Let’s Talk About the Taboo: Collecting 100,000 Stories in 5 Weeks?...’s Let’s Talk About the Taboo: Collecting 100,000 Stories in 5 Weeks? Leave that to Robin Hood!

Last week, I noticed a tweet from ProsperLoans which pointed out a post on the Credit Karma blog (I invite you to check my interview with CK’s Founder). To my surprise, I couldn’t find much info on’s own online assets like their site or their corporate blog…

I think the Let’s talk About the taboo is an excellent intitiative, but I must admit that I am concerned with the expectations from the brilliant Prosper team:
“Odds Of Winning: The odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received during the Term, but are anticipated to be 1 chance in 100,000.” (source: Sweepstakes Rules)

They need to fully leverage social media to maximize the visibility of the campaign, make the content of the website more sharable, and review the REWARD which is not appealing enough.
By the way, a few url links on the microsite are broken.

Initial Comments
I invite you to watch my initial comments on the video I shot on Friday 5th March.

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