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Progressive’s CMO on Flo’s 4.5M Facebook Fans And Social Media Insurance Strategy

Progressive CMO Talks About

Flo, the vibrant red-lipped girl that sells Progressive insurance has been voted America’s No.1 Ad Icon with 4.5 million Facebook fans.

Progressive CMO Talks About "Flo's" Impact on the BizFlo has appeared in more than 80 ads since she started marketing for the company in 2008. However, in the world of social media can she really sell insurance? According to Jeff Charney, chief marketing officer of Progressive Flo’s success is due to the fact that people are able to connect with her through her Facebook fan page.

Since 2008, when Flo started to be part of the marketing campaign of Progressive, the insurance company has experienced an increase in their business. With the industry crowded with numerous brands, Flo has given Progressive a way to talk about their products in a fun way.

People can connect and relate to Flo because she comes across as real and honest.

The company takes a 360 approach on marketing Flo’s social media presence with fun posts and pictures that tries to engage visitors and fans. Progressive also connect their advertising campaigns with what’s happening on social media.

Social media is an excellent way to interact and engage consumers. Before social media, most brands can be found on TV and print ads. Now, social allows the company to reach people.

Key Stats

  • Flo has about 4.5 million fans on Facebook

Jeff Charney, Progressive Chief Marketing Officer: “Social media is a great way to interact with consumers in a fun and meaningful way. In the past, brands lived on TV and in print. Social’s given us the ability to break through and reach people.  It gives us a chance to be strategic and out-create, not just outspend.”


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  1. Christophe

    Not surprising CMO is trying to rebuild social credibility after the social crisis Progressive experienced recently. Adweek wondered whether Flo as an icon had been permanently damaged. I do believe they will ride out the issue, they have a committed social media team and good to see help finally from senior management, something that was missing in the crisis.


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