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People First! Contribute to the first ever global survey fully focused on social networking in banking

I am passionate about social media, and social media is all about people.

In Visible Banking, I focus on Web 2.0 because I believe it gives banks an amazing opportunity to engage with their clients and show they care.

During all my speaking engagements, I always make a point to remind the banks they must be honest, transparent and focus on people first.
Banks must reward you for the time your spend on their platform, and give you a good reason to come back and spread the word.

Contribute, promote your favourite social network and further increase your visibility
My goal is to better understand your behaviour and your expectations from a social network provided by a financial institution.
Thanks for spending a few minutes of your precious time to fill the questionnaire, and for spreading the word around you.

On regular basis I will publish the most interesting comments on Visible-Banking.com, anonymously. If you accept to be quoted, I will also list your name, your company and promote your blog.

It is also a unique opportunity to promote your favourite social network in banking and put it at the forefront of the social media scene.

As a social networker, your feedback, your comments and your suggestions are extremely valuable.

Social Networks included in the “People First!” initiative

I invite you to contribute to my social media directory in banking.

My goal for this page is to become The most comprehensive list of social media initiatives in banking and online finance.

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