NAB Wholesale Taps Social Business, Catches Up With 78,000 NAB and CBA Employees

dreamforce 2012 NAB Wholesale Launches Chatter

National Bank of Australia taps’s social business platform to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in its wholesale and business banking division.  This move follows a previous roll-out to about 40,000 retail banking staff.

dreamforce 2012 NAB Wholesale Launches ChatterNAB introduced the social business Chatter platform to 1,300 staff last July 16 under Dean Puhalovic. In’s Dreamforce 2012 conference, Puhalovic stated that this new platform was intended to improve collaboration and sales, while reducing the reliance for emails for communication between staff members.

The introduction to use the Chatter platform was supported by one of the bank’s wholesale business executive and NAB’s risk, security and group architecture division after a careful study of the security and risks.

Security was an initial concern together with past employees still having access to their Chatter accounts on their mobile devices after separation from the bank. This was addressed by applying NAB’s existing single sign-on system to about 80% of the users. The dedicated staff continuously monitor the Chatter platform conversations for inappropriate language and posts.

Earlier this year, Commonwealth Bank also launched its own Chatter to about 38,000 employees. According to Andrew Murrel, digital and social marketing general manager of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the banks was looking to train 38,000 in social media by means of online learning modules and yearly exams.

Key Stats

  • 40,000 NAB staff are now using Chatter
  • 38,000 CBA staff are going to be trained to use Chatter

Dean Pulalovic, Asset Manager, NAB: “Being in Australia and being a bank, [we’re] a little bit conservative, so we just went, ‘Here you go’. We didn’t want to shove it in anyone’s face. The activity that we’ve seen since go-live has been quite impressive.”

Andrew Murrell, Digital and Social Marketing General Manager at CBA: “We need to become more collaborative and more communicative internally, as well as [listening to] the customer, the CEO, seeing what competitors are doing.”


I invite you to check out those slides from the excellent ‘Social Bank’ session at the recent Dreamforce 2012 in the US.
-with CBA’s Andrew Murrell, Chase’s Bianca Buckridee, Salesforce’s Derek Laney– 

The topics of social business and collaboration are hotter than ever in the retail financial services industry.  And it is good to see those technology spread internally and reach the wholesale side of the organisation.

If I am all in favour of driving collaboration internally and fully leveraging the skills and the value of your employees, I must admit that one thing still bother me with social business.  There are huge numbers of financial institutions out there which believe that they should only start tapping social media and leveraging the Voice of the Customer (via crowdsourcing initiatives) until they have rolled out and successfully used a collaboration tool internally…

So, do you agree or disagree with me?  And in your opinion, what are the key benefits and challenges of social business in financial services?

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

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