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Moven Bank Parodies Poor Banking Customer Experience

In this ‘fun’ video, Brett King’s innovative Moven (bank) parodies the poor customer experience provided by traditional banks.

Moven Bank Digital BankingJust in case you missed it, I invite you to watch this YouTube video: ‘Another Frustrated Bank Customer‘.


More seriously, you will find more about Moven‘s features on the go in two other videos posted by Brett’s team a few months ago:


Track your money as easily as you spend it with Moven

Pay your friends with Moven

A few weeks ago, Brett King and his executive team have successfully raised $8 million to drive international expansion.  So expect to get more familiar with Moven in Europe within the next 12-18 months.

Like Simple, which has been bought by BBVA earlier this year for $117 million (for only 100,000 banking customers), Moven is aiming to revolutionise the banking industry by providing a much improved, more intuitive and empowering customer experience by pushing timely and actionable insights, at anytime and from anywhere.

How appropriate did you find this video where Moven bank parodies the poor, frustrating banking customer experience?

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