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Mint.com Becomes First PFM Community to Reach 10 Million Users (70% Use Mobile)

Mint.com Reaches 10 Million Users

Founded back in 2006 by the well-known Aaron Patzer, who sold his brainchild to Intuit back in 2009, Mint.com proudly announced that they reached their 10th million registered user.

Mint.com Reaches 10 Million UsersFirst of all, congratulations to the Mint.com team and Intuit for reaching this outstanding milestone.  10 million users, including 7 million mobile users.

Please note that the most popular PFM community attracted 8 million users since joining the Intuit Group.

Four additional staggering stats on Mint.com:
* Tracks more than $80 billion in credit and debit transactions
* Tracks nearly $1 trillion in loans and assets
* Manages more than two million goals. Top goals include getting out of debt and saving for an emergency fund or retirement.
* Integrates now with 15,000 financial institutions

Aaron Patzer, Vice President of Product Innovation at Intuit: “As part of Intuit, we’ve had access to the value of a highly trusted brand plus resources and backend technologies like Intuit Data Services that have allowed us to reach and support a broader customer base.  This helps us to deliver on our promise to provide people with the best possible service and to continually innovate for both the website and Mint.com’s award-winning mobile apps.”

Via: Yahoo! Finance

Of course, its is one thing to have 10 million registered users. It is one another to have active users, let alone transforming them into smart savers.

One of the most relevant questions surrounding the more and more fashionable PFM (Personal Finance Management) trend is their impact on the general population and the size of the market: are the likes of Mint.com, Yodlee, MoneyStrandsMeniga really helping banks grow the proportion of the population prepared to spend any time at all using technology to save money?  

And according to you,  how big is their impact of those PFM services on their active users?  Has their ‘basic’, financially ignorant users successfully improved their spending behaviours?

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