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Lloyds Simplifies Online/Mobile Banking, Drives Customer Experience

Lloyds Banking Group Simply Internet Banking Customer Experience

Lloyds Banking Group is aiming to deliver an improved customer experience by simplifying their internet banking service, both online and on mobile.

Lloyds Banking Group Simplifies Mobile BankingLloyds Banking Group is making both online and mobile banking simpler.  Customers will see a number of improvements, like quicker access to their day-to-day banking tasks and a better experience on touch screen devices.

Lloyds Banking Group’s Simpler Internet Banking

  • A fresh new design makes it easier to discover new features and helps you find the things you do most often
  • The new ‘more actions’ button provides you with quicker access to tasks like managing Direct Debits and setting up standing orders
  • View your full available balance including your overdraft and make payments to existing recipients and transfers directly from your Internet Banking homepage
  • Designed to be easier to use on touch screen devices

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