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Linkedin – New Homepage and Status Feature

I have been an active user on Linkedin since 2003. I invite you to check my profile: I am always keen to connect with passionate people and experts in the fields of Innovation, Social Media/Web 2.0, and Banking. Please feel free to send me a contact request with your motivation to connect.

It is always a pleasure to see any changes and improvements to the Linkedin interface. Did you know that Linkedin launched a mobile friendly version of their platform, www.m.linkedin.com?

Linkedinwhatareyouworkingon_2I invite you to logon today and check the new homepage, more web 2.0, and the new “Facebook status like” feature, “What are you working on?”.

I am passionate aboutsocial networking, and even though I am not updating it anymore, you will find useful information and insights on my first blog, Visible-Networking.com.


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