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Leadership 2.0: How Do CEOs Use Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Social CEO

This insightful social CEO infographic should convince your Senior Executives on the importance of driving transparency and customer engagement via social media channels like twitter or LinkedIn.

The Social CEOThis is another compelling infographic helping us visualise some of the key characteristics and behaviours from the most social CEOs highly active on popular social media sites like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Peter Aceto

Once again, the most engaging banking CEO on social media, Tangerine’s Peter Aceto, is quoted:

“I would rather engage in a twitter conversation with a single customer than see our company attempt to attract the attention of millions in a coveted super bowl commercial.”

Social CEOs mentioned

  1. Peter Aceto (@PeterAceto)
  2. Richard Branson (@richardbranson)
  3. Warren Buffet (@WarrenBuffett)
  4. Meg Whitman (@MegWhitman)
  5. Jamie Dimon (-)
  6. Jeffry Immelt (-)
  7. Arne Sorenson (-)

Key Takeaways

  1. 68% of CEOs do not use social media at all. The remaining 32% of them who do use it, tend to stick to just one social platform.
  2. LinkedIn is the chosen one. 73% of CEOs who only have an account on one platform chose LinkedIn to build a presence on.
  3. 3 in 4 consumers think that a company appears more trustworthy if its high-level leadership are present on social media.
  4. It’s not only consumers who prefer top figures in the company to be social, as 8 in 10 employees would rather work for a social CEO.

The Social CEO: CEOs and the Use of Social Media INFOGRAPHIC

Social CEO Infographic Social Media Leadership

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