Knab: New Social Media Enabled Bank Launches With PFM Dashboard In The Netherlands New Bank Launches in the Netherlands Live

Today, officially launches in the Netherlands.  It is a ‘socially conscious’, social media enabled, new bank which offers an intuitive financial dashboard for PFM and communicates in an open and transparent way on their blog, ‘Knab Live’. New Bank Launches in the Netherlands LiveSo, similarly than Metro Bank in the UK back in 2010, a new bank launched today in the Netherlands.  The project, backed by the insurer Aegon, was led by the Founder of

It looks like the new dutch bank chose to adopt a more engaging and transparent approach to customer engagement (but is there any other way nowadays?): they proudly promote their social media presence, essentially on linkedin, twitter and facebook (no consistently on their website.

Knab Live: Blogging
They also give a lot of visibility to their -self-hosted- official blog ‘Knab Live‘.

The knab team plans to leverage the blog, which counts already 8 articles, to create conversations with the Dutch residents on the topics of Financial Planning, Investing, Pensions, Banks, as well as the news and the vision of the bank and its Senior Management.

Knab Innovation Lab: Crowdsourcing
The young financial institutions already has its ‘Knab Innovation Lab‘ whose top priority seems to be mobile banking.  Knab has already started an open conversation on that topic, hoping to tap crowdsourcing and generate a lot of conversations in order to possibly fine tune their product & service roadmap, but more likely to increase brand awareness.

Knab: a ‘Socially Conscious’ Bank
From the get go, the bank offers its clients the ability to give part of their savings to a few charities: “From conversations with “clients” of the future while building Knab, it soon became clear that there is a need to do something for charity.”

Knab: Revolutionary App (Mobile Banking) and Digital Office (Video Conferencing)
Knab “dares to say it. Knab is the most revolutionary mobile banking app (built by Aegon) of all banks in the Netherlands. We offer more than just understanding your banking.” and the bank adopted one of the hottest trends in banking by providing their customers with a ‘digital office‘ – a video conferencing service from the comfort of their home.

Knab: Financial Dashboard
Last but not least, Knab is heavily promoting its own PFM tool, apparently at the centre of its online banking service, the financial dashboard which gives you a ‘total overview’ of your finances.  Possibly with account aggregation?

ViaSteven vandenHeuvel (one of my followers on twitter).  THANK YOU Steven!

So, what are your initial thoughts on  Unarguably, the big banks in the Netherlands are still struggling to recover from the bad reputation they got a few years back.  

But is this new bank showing enough innovations to become a serious threat to the leading dutch banks like ING, ABN Amro or Rabobank?  Rabo has been a champion of banking innovation for years now with numerous projects in the fields of gamification, mobile banking and social media

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  1. the social media part is excellent!
    KNAB has the disadvantage that it is a 100% daughter of AEGON, which has a lot of lawsuits right now
    futhermore, their financial proposition is difficult; they offer 0,7% less interest than their peers, that is a lot of money

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