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Kabbage: for SMEs, More Social Media Engagement = More Cash [INTERVIEW]

Through its intuitive online platform, Kabbage helps small businesses gets access to funds whenever they need it, close to instantly via PayPal.

Last week, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative digital services and platforms, I managed to record a short interview with one of my favourite demoing companies, a champion to the small businesses, Kabbage.

One of the most appealing innovations from Kabbage is their willingness to reward their user’s level of engagement on social media channels.  The assumption behind this approach, is that the more engaged a small business with its clients on services like facebook or twitter, the more likely to succeed.

‘Social Klimbing’: rewarding social influence and giving access to K(abbage) Perks, doesn’t it remind you of another hot service out there also beginning with a ‘K’? 😉

I invite you to watch my short video with Rob Frohwein – Co-Founder & CEO.

– Please note there is a bug with youtube which is duplicating some of my videos, and therefore this video is only half as long as the time indicated –


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