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iPad ‘Bank Bully’ Banking Game [Mobile App Video Review #1]

The Visible Banking Team recorded a short video review of the ‘Bank Bully’ app for iPad and iPhone.  It is a basic game which might help relieve your stress by throwing random things at a banker.

Here, we are trying out a new video series on http://www.VisibleBanking.com.  We aim to publish on regular basis a number of video reviews of iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) relevant to the worldwide financial services industry.  With this first app, we are (broadly) focusing on banking.

This is our very first review for a simple, free, iPad game named ‘Bank Bully‘. More on the app: http://bit.ly/HDsmEu.

Your comments are welcome. And if you enjoyed watching the video, we invite you to click on the ‘Like’ button on YouTube.



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