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Interview with Jose Antonio Gallego, Online Community Manager at BBVA

Last November I was deligthed to accept Jesus Perez’s invitation to contribute to the second edition of hisBarCampBank Madrid. I had a great time catching up with my readers and fellow supporters of innovation and social media in the banking industry.

As I mentioned several times on Visible Banking, today Spanish banks are leading the way in social media in the broadly conservative European banking industry.
I invite you to check my recent posts on BankInter’s Innovation Labs to find a list of social media initiatives from financial institutions such as Banco SabadellCaja Navarra and of course BBVA. Also, please check my top 10 Spanish banks on twitter. published in the latest edition of my Visible Banking Twitter Watch Series.

BBVA, a Leader in Social Media
BBVA is one of the most engaging and innovative financial institutions online with 10+ initiatives in the social media space, and still counting: from their twitter accounts (BBVA , BBVA_Press or Compass just to name a few), their innovation blog planta29, their virtual career fair, their annualOpen Talent contest, their strategic investment in Strands one of the leading PFM solution providers, to their own online communities Tu Cuentas and Actibva focused on helping Spanish people to make better financial decisions and better manage their money.

BBVA Hires Experienced Internet Leaders
BBVA understood that it was important to bring new blood to the organization, people with a fresh approach and a deep understanding of the online world. Most banks aim to become online the equivalent of the Amazon or the Apple of the banking industry. But they need help from outside their organization.  In the last couple of years, BBVA recruited a fair number of digital pros from leading online companies such as eBay and Google to join their innovation and online community teams. Brilliant move.

At BarCampBank Madrid, I had the pleasure to eventually meet one of my most enthusiastic supporters, Jose Antonio Gallego, a former category then community manager at eBay.es.

Jose Antonio Gallego, Online Community Manager atBBVA, and President at AERCO (Asociación Española de Responsables de Comunidades Online). I invite you toconnect with JA on Linkedinvisit his blog “comunidad en la red”, and follow him on twitter @joseantoniogall.

Jose works closely with the Innovation team to identify and deliver new ways to better engage with their community online in order to achieve various goals such as to increase BBVA’s share of voice, change brand perception, or drive both customer acquisition and customer retention.
The Senior Management is committed and the Innovation team is influential. Very exciting job.

The Actibva Community
Jose is involved on many projects, but especially on Actibva, the award winning online community launched by BBVA in 2008 (powered byStrands), to offer all the relevant information on finance and economics to its users. Please find more info on Actibva at the end of my post.

My Interview with Jose Antonio
I invite you to watch one of my very best video interviews so far. Ladies and gentlemen, Jose Antonio Gallego!


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