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Interview Standard Life – Social Media Mindest, Strategic Framework, Metrics and KPIs

This is one of the six videos I shot on the second day of the irn event, ‘Social & Digital Media for Financial Services’ (London, 7-8 June 2011).

It is my first video interview with Standard Life, and what a pleasure to record it with Kevin O’Shaughnessy – Group Digital Marketing Director. Not only Kevin did an excellent job as the chairman of the event, he kicked off the second day in style with a passionate and insightful presentation on social media insisting on three key elements of the mix: mindset, strategic framework, metrics and KPIs.

I invite you to watch some of my 100+ interviews with financial services Executives passionate about social media, all over the world.

Interview with Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Group Digital Marketing Director
Please find below my interview with Kevin.

– The social media story at Standard Chartered – Initial focus on education & ‘socializing’ (00:58)
– Strategy framework: business problem?… (01:54)
– The big challenges: LT engagement, building relationships with emerging affluents, IFAs… (03:16)
– Engaging on existing online communities and forums? (05:01)
– Standard Life’s strategy: “start slow, expand out” (06:00)
– Reaching out to the IFAs, who are bound together by their advisors (06:19)
– People looking for IFAs are using online communities more and more (06:54)
– Community: size vs engagement (07:45)
– Metrics and KPIs (08:32)
– Wouldn’t it be nice to emulate Gatorade’s Mission Control in insurance?! (09:16)

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