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Interview Rabobank & Social Media – Robert Lommers, Online Communication Specialist

A few years back, Dutch banks were the most active in the social media space with initiatives on Second Life, the online community space (B2B). and executive blogging.

But the crisis changed everything: in the last two years banks like Fortis, ING or ABN AMRO closed or downsized most of their social media initiatives including the promising B2B online communities join2grow.bizand flametree.nl.

To the contrary, Rabobank emerged as the most engaging bank online in the Netherlands with a good amount of activity internationally via their direct banks (under the brand ‘RaboDirect’) in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

As part of our Visible Banking Social Media Watch series (twitterfacebook,youtubeblogs), we track 55+ twitter accounts (36 from Rabobank), 2 blogs (including the Raboblog), 11 youtube channels (4 from Rabobank, including the immensely popular RaboSportTV which counts over 2.5 million upload views and a long list of awards). Rabobank is one of the only banks to still have an active online community dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs, starterscommunity.nl.

Please note that virtually no financial institution in the Netherlands have spent any time to build an official presence on facebook. This is due tohyves.nl, the highly popular domestic social network (in Dutch).

Video Interview with Robert Lommers
On 23rd November, I recorded my conversation with a fellow EFMAGcontributor Robert Lommers, Online Commnication Specialist at Rabobank.

To make it easier for you to access your topics of interest, I divided the video into a few topical short clips:

Team structure in a cooperative bank (02:26)
The Rabobank blog from Ultrecht (02:39)
Twitter strategy and guidelines for 30+ accounts (05:44)
Social networking: hyves.nl vs facebook (02:13)
Video (brand and sponsoring) and youtube (03:01)
Innovation & Chat Roulette (03:50)

Please find below a playlist which regroups all those videos.

I invite you to connect with Robert on linkedin and follow him on twitter.

I am keen to talk to you about twitterfacebook, customer reviews, social media & social commerce in banking, financial services, and insurance.

Don’t hesitate to call me (0044 7736 446 357), send me an email (christophe.langlois@visible-banking.com), or DM me (@Visible_Banking).


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