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Interview NyKredit @ EFMA – Crowdsourcing, PFM, Mobile

This is one of the four videos I shot at the excellent Online Banking: the e-volution event by EFMA (Paris, 12-13 May 2011).

It is my second video interview with Thomas Kragh, SVP Digital Channels at NyKredit. I invite you to watch our first interview about WebDesk and social media strategy we shot in November 2008 at the EFMA Online Financial Services event in Athens.

NyKredit, Social Media, EFMA & PFM
Back in 2008, Thomas and his teawm won the EFMA online banking award in Athens for their innovative and engaging WebDesk service.

This year, NyKredit was again nominated for the EFMA social media award for their ‘Saving Tips‘ crowdsourcing initiative: in only 2 months they gathered 400 tips 100% user generated, without any reward strategy or contest. The contribution came mainly from facebook & mobile.

Please note that NyKredit will start a competition at the end of May with two major media brands in Denmark. They are also planning to integrate those tips within their PFM application…

Interview with Thomas Kragh, SVP Digital Channels
Please find below my catch up interview with Thomas.

– Intro
– User Generated ‘Saving Tips’ (00:40)
– A positive story (01:52)
– Reward strategy (02:18)
– Leveraging that positive UGC (02:45)
– Crowdsourcing: web design, mobile banking, online campaigns (03:21)
– PFM on mobile banking (04:28)
– Mobile adoption & usage (05:09)
– What’s next for their PFM tool (05:58)


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