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Interview National Bank of Greece @ EFMA – Social Media & Digital Innovation

This is one of the four videos I shot at the excellent Online Banking: the e-volution event by EFMA (Paris, 12-13 May 2011).

This is my first interview with Constantinos (Costas) Klimis, Senior Innovation Manager at National Bank of Greece.

Costas conducted a report on digital strategies and the use of social media in the European Retail Banking industry, with a key focus on Innovation in regards to customer relations (clients and prospects).

Costas’ team used the same sample as used in a previous report from EFMA about innovation in Retail Banking.

Interview with Costas Klimis, Senior Marketing Manager at National Bank of Greece
Please find below my catch up interview with Costas.

– Key results from NBG’s study (00:15)
– Insights from Western & Central Europe and CIS (01:01)
– Social media presence vs engagement (02:00)
– Why is CIS a bit behind in terms of activity (03:12)
– Can banks emulate a Dell or a Starbucks? (04:03)
– Collaboration platforms are good, as long as you communicate (05:12)
– The importance of experimenting (06:02)
– Social media & innovation in Greece (07:00)


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