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First Direct – Having Quality Real-Time Conversations Wherever your Customers are [INTERVIEW]

This is the one of the two interviews I recorded in early August at the first direct head office in Leeds. I had the pleasure to spend a few hours withPaul Say – Head of MarketingNatalie Cowen – Head of Brand and Communications and Amanda Brown – PR Manager.

I invite you to watch my video interview with Paulabout first direct’s social media strategy, brand relevance and personality.

During both interviews, we talked about the first direct Lab, a crowdsourcing experiment launched at the beginning of August.

Again, a big THANK YOU to Amanda for making those interviews happen, and for her guided tour of the first direct open plan office. It was great to see where “the magical customer conversations” happen.

Interview with Natalie Cowen, first direct’s Head of Brand and Communications
I invite you to watch my video with Natalie, available on our YouTube channel.

* Intro
* How important is social media to brand / comms? (00:25)
* Upcoming outreach strategy (01:15)
* The social media newsroom (03:30)
* The value of interacting with your influencers (04:05)
* Content strategy on twitter and facebook (05:35)
* How credible is a bank on topics such as gadgets, fashion… (07:02)
* ‘Conversations on facebook’ vs ‘rules & regulations’ (08:31)
* Do you plan to open your facebook page to comments? (10:25)
* The opportunity to have sales conversations on facebook (11:50)
* Metrics, KPIs, ROI (13:50)
* The importance of ‘Know Your Followers/Fans’ (KYF) (16:01)
* What’s next for ‘Little black book’? (17:15)
* New CEO, a champion of social media (19:05)


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