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Interview Danske Bank @ EFMA – Social Media, Crowdsourcing, Idebank

This is one of the four videos I shot at the excellent Online Banking: the e-volution event by EFMA (Paris, 12-13 May 2011).

It is also my second video interview with Thomas Heilskov, Manager Group Online Communications at Danske Bank. I invite you to watch our first interview about online reputation and social media strategy we shot in November 2010 in London when he was still Head of Social Media for the leading Danish bank.

Danske Bank & Social Media
In the last few months I covered Danske Bank’s Idebank their crowdsourcing programme on facebook.

As part of our Visible Banking Facebook Watch series and Visible Banking Twitter Watch series we are tracking respectively 4 pages and apps on facebook and 4 twitter accounts belonging to Danske Bank.

Interview with Thomas Heilskov, Manager Group Online Communications
Please find below my catch up interview with Thomas.

– Intro
– Why Idebank, 1st crowdsourcing initiative (00:12)
– Impact on fan base & validation of the approach (00:58)
– Starting with a popular mobile banking solution (01:25)
– Comprehensive cover + Interview of the Winner (01:43)
– From a sexy service like mobile banking to mortgages… (01:58)
– Same application, different subjects (03:03)
– Promotion & Marketing plan (03:32)
– Leveraging & Implementating the top ideas (04:32)
– Validating your product roadmap and your vision (05:38)


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