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Interview Caja Madrid’s Obra Social – Social Media, Community Management and Content

This is one of the six videos I shot on the second day of the irn event, ‘Social & Digital Media for Financial Services’ (London, 7-8 June 2011).

It was my first video interview with Jose Antonio Ritore – Head of Social Media at Obra Social Caja Madrid, and it was long overdue. Indeed, Jose Antonio and I have been following each other for quite some time, and he was supposed to contribute to my social media workshop in Madrid (June 2010). Unfortunately Jose Antonio had to cancel at the last minute, and we never had the chance to record an interview together…

The Obra Social Team at Caja Madrid started leveraging social media three years ago by creating online communities and online engagement via initiatives such as a blog network for NGOs, an active twitter account or a popular facebook page. Their motto: “good content, and an enthusiastic community manager, is the key to success”.

A few stats from the team: 2 million unique visitors per year, 3,000 posts…

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Interview with Jose Antonio Ritore – Head of Social Media
Please find below my interview with Jose Antonio.

– Greetings
– What is Caja Madrid’s Obra Social (00:14)
– Leveraging social media since 2008 (00:57)
– Key stats about their online communities & content strategy (02:03)
– What about engagement and user activity / interaction? (03:12)
– Community management, content strategy and call-to-action (04:00)
– Two key achievements on facebook and twitter (05:00)
– Frequency & volume of content on facebook and twitter (05:31)
– How do you fully leverage every social media channel? (06:45)
– What’s the best quality of a brilliant community manager? (07:20)

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