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10 Top Insights Driving the Digital Disruption [INFOGRAPHIC]

Three Streams Digital Disruption Infographic

This infographic on digital disruption highlights the key results from the German digitisation consumer report 2014 published recently by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

Three Streams Digital Disruption InfographicTo support the recent launch of their German digitisation consumer report 2014, the Roland Berger team put together an infographic entitled ‘The Three Streams of Digital Disruption‘.


You will find below 10 top insights on digital disruption.


1. Digitisation of communication

  • 37% of our daily communication is digital already
  • 1h increase in daily surfing time since 2012
  • 27% increase in mobile surfing since 2012
  • 171% growth for Spotify since 2012

2. Digitisation of consumption

  • 41% of all decision-relevant shopping information comes from digital sources
  • 25% of all decision-relevant shopping information comes from either the internet or social media
  • 2.6x times more influential, that is what online shopping information is compared to shopping information from TV
  • 41% of all first-time product and service purchases are through digital channels

3. Digitisation of products

  • 33% of consumers already consider digital future technologies relevant for their personal lives
  • “Augmented reality”, “same day delivery” and “life logging devices for health care purposes” are the most relevant future technologies for tech-savvy consumers

Digital Disruption Infographic

Please find below an infographic highlighting the three streams of digital disruption.

Digitalisation Infographic Digital Disruption

The study emphasises the importance of providing an excellent and consistent digital customer experience on mobile and online, the value of capturing and leveraging publicly the voice of the customer and how real the concept of ‘Zero Moment of Truth‘ introduced by Google back in 2011.

This Roland Berger infographic does a good job summarising the top insights and trends driving the Digital Disruption and highlighting both the top areas of your customer engagement strategy and the top tech you might want to invest in as a priority. 

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