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IND Group: Bringing Gamification into the Online Bank [INTERVIEW]

The IND Group recently launched a new solution offering gamification within the online bank to impact customer’s behavior, drive retention and increase share of wallet.

Last week, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative digital services and platforms, I managed to record a short interview with one of my favourite demoing companies, the IND Group.

With such a solution, a bank’s key goals are to provide a more engaging customer experience and reward its online banking users (with access to exclusive, more appealing products and services) for changing their spending behaviour and better managing their finances.

I invite you to watch my short video with Jozsef Nyiri – Founder & Chief Innovator.

– Please note there is a bug with youtube which is duplicating some of my videos, and therefore this video is only half as long as the time indicated –

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