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IBM Future of Work: Big Data and Analytics [#NewWayToWork]

IBM NewWayToWork Big Data Analytics

Top IBM Social Business insights on the future of work and the impact of big data and social analytics in the workplace.  #NewWayToWork

IBM NewWayToWork Big Data AnalyticsMost people today think of IBM as computers and cash registers, but it has transformed itself into a big data & analytics powerhouse and a Social Business leader, in the last few years and that investment seems to be paying off. In the recent revenue estimate, IBM has estimated a revenue target of $20 billion for 2015.

The business world is changing rapidly: the roles that one fulfils every day are changing and so is the flow of data. This is because we now have the ability to process and analyse data much faster; and we are able to make better decisions based on actionable, timely insights.

In the recent study shared by IBM on the Future of Work: Big Data and Analytics, the company talks about how companies can keep up with the speed of the constantly evolving customer and employee behaviours and expectations and how to make changes in the workplace to achieve that.

The Future of Big Data and Analytics at Work

  • With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day between people and machines, there is a growing need to analyse the data faster
  • more than 60% of companies are thus investing in big data and analytics tools so that they can make their HR department more data driven
  • enterprise data is also expected to grow 50 times by 2020
  • 94% of CMOs actually believe that advanced analytics will help them in reaching their goals

The Future of Work: Culture

  • about 68% of employees feel that their companies wasn’t doing enough to create a work culture that gives a sense of purpose and a meaningful impact.
  • 65% of employees give their companies high grade for using social media to engage their customers
  • About 20% of Senior Executives actually believe that their organisation is actually becoming social.
  • It has also been seen that happy employees do better by 20%.

The Future of Work: Technology

  • about 72% of businesses have adopted the cloud into their business and it’s expected to reach 91% within the next 3 years
  • about 60% of companies allow their employees to access company data on their personal devices.
  • With an estimate of 10 billion personal mobile devices that will be in use and with more than 91% already addicted to their devices, the need of integrating it with business is becoming more important

The Future of Work: Collaboration/Communication

  • an average a worker spends about 28% of their work week checking and managing their emails
  • about 98% of surveyed workers felt overwhelmed with too much information
  • about 79% of adults in the survey agreed that for a successful career, it was important to collaborate and share credit with others
  • social media was increasingly becoming important to identify new talents and about 45% of companies used social to recruit new employees

The Future of Work: Talent

  • about 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged or pretty disengaged at work
  • About 82% of organisations are using social networks to recruit

To find out more on the survey ‘Future of Work: Big Data and Analytics’, click here.

I invite you to check the broad range of resources published by the IBM Social Business team on the Future of Work and the impact of big data and social analytics in the workplace.  Has your organisation adopted an improved #NewWayToWork you care to share with us?

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