(Re)Insurance Online Community Attracts 342 Firms From 38 Countries In 9 Months

ReInsurance Online Community Attracts 342 Firms from 38 Countries In 9 Months

Social media insurance. (Re)Insurance online community, MySlipcase, attracts over 1,200 members from 342 insurance and reinsurance firms from 38 countries in 9 months.

ReInsurance Online Community Attracts 342 Firms from 38 Countries In 9 MonthsWillis (@WillisGroup), BMS (@BMSGROUP), Catlin (@CatlinGroup), the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (@BIBAbroker), and Liberty Syndicates (@LibertySynd) became the first to take up unique company pages on the website.

The site has over 1,200 active members, who joined for free. 70% comes from the London Market, 25% from Bermuda and New York, and the rest is from other parts of the world.

The company pages allow businesses to reach out to their target audience and display their content. Individual members can follow these pages to get up-to-date information from relevant companies.

Alex Hearn, founder of MySlipcase (@myslipcase), has built the business model around these pages as comprehensive platforms that promote thought leadership and develop brand awareness.

Applications to join the site are checked to ensure a high quality of membership. Additional requests were received from recruiters but were declined to make sure members are not spammed.

Key Stats

  • Insurance online community attracts 342 firms from 38 countries in 9 months, including 5 London Market players – Willis, BMS, Catlin, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, and Liberty Syndicates
  • MySlipcase has over 1,200 active members, 70% from London Market, 25% from Bermuda and New York, and the rest from other parts of the world

Alex Hearn, Founder of MySlipcase: “The re/insurance industry is embracing social media and real momentum is building within the market to use these tools. The site is twice the size it was three months ago, and in three months it will be double the size again. The bigger we get, the more useful we become to our user base.”

Sarah Brown, Marketing and Communications Officer with BMS: “While developing our social strategy, we were drawn to the insurance and reinsurance industry-specific nature of the MySlipcase platform and how it controls many of the issues associated with other social platforms.”

Miles Russel, Willis Group Communications Director: “MySlipcase provides a platform on which we can post our whole diverse range of communications and demonstrate our approach to thought leadership to our industry.”

Sam Richardson, Online Marketing Manager at Catlin Group: “MySlipcase is an important tool providing industry communications.”

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Covered by my Visible Banking Team

(Re)insurance online community proudly announced they attracted 342 firms from 38 countries since launch, 9 months ago.  Well done.  But it doesn’t tell us how active those 1,200+ members are, and how valuable they find the plaform.

If vertical online communities have their place in the crowded social media space, even in financial services, most of those communities will struggle to reach a critical mass of users.  Most financial professionals are likely to already interact on a number of popular social media channels like linkedin and twitter, and online communities like eToro, StockTwits or Mallow Street.

Having said that, I am not aware of many other insurance focused online communities, are you?  In your opinion, what are the best online communities in banking, investing and insurance worldwide?

We invite you to share your thoughts on the impact of social media in the financial services industry, here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.


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Written by Christophe Langlois

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Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

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