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French P2P Lending Pioneer Reopens After Long Quiet Period [INTERVIEW]

FriendsClear.com, the French P2P lending community started a ‘quiet period’ back in April 2011.  Yesterday, after nine months of hard work behind close doors, they are open for business again.

In the last couple of years, many P2P lending companies had to shut down temporarily due to pressure from the regulator.  It happened to the leading online communities in the US, Prosper.com and LendingClub, and to the pioneers in social lending this side of the pond too.

Time flies.  It really does.  I remember meeting Jean-Christophe Capelli for the first time in NYC, the eve ofthe very first Finovate event in the autumn of 2007…

Jean-Christophe and Nicolas Guillaume co-founded the first P2P lending community in France.  To find out more about their company, FriendsClear.com, I invite you to watch my first video interview with Jean-Christophe from March 2010.

Last Saturday, I was invited by the organizers to come to Paris and participate to the 7th BarCampBank in the French capital.  On that occasion, I recorded a number of interviews, one of them with Jean-Christophe who gave me an update and talked about the official re-launch of the community on the 1st February.

I invite you to watch the interview which lasts about 8 minutes only (it seems like youtube systematically duplicated my recent uploaded videos without sound…).



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