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Finovate 07: great networking with the hottest banking 2.0 companies


Finovate 2007 was a huge success: it was well attended, the lineup was impressive, and the speakers made themselves available during the networking sessions. Well done Jim!

I invite you to check William Azaroff‘s live coverage of the event (Part 1 & Part 2) on NetBanker as well as Brandon McGee‘s live coverage on the Mobile Money and Banking blog.

Excellent networking opportunity
The 7-minutes sessions work out nicely. Another key benefit of attending Finovate was the opportunity to meet with the senior executives of some of the hottest web 2.0 companies, as well as my peers, industry experts, and well-known bloggers. I managed to meet over 40 people.

It had been a productive day for me, I managed to shoot no less than ninevideo interviews:
Shawn Ward, Co-Founder of Geezeo
Bob Homer, VP Product Management at CheckFree
Patrick Gannon, SVP Lending at LendingClub
Peter Hazlehurst, SVP Product Management at Yodee
Murali Subbarao, Founder & CEO of Billeo
Chris Larsen, Founder & CEO of Prosper.com
Aaron Patzer, Founder & CEO of Mint.com
Andrew Taylor, CTO of Jwaala
Brandon McGee, VP & Senior Product Manager Mobile Banking at Huntington

I met over 40 people from the following companies: Vancity, LendingClub, Identity Theft 911, ClairMail, Online Financial Innovations, LaunchSquad, Diversinet, Sybase, MShift, Geezeo, Aradiom, Online Resources, Mint, Atomic, William Mills, Yodlee, TowerGroup, CapitalOne, Citi, Banco de Credito, Billeo, CitizensBank, Synovus, Chase, Absa, Huntington, Amcore, YellowPepper, Metavante, Andera, CheckFree, Prosper, ATB Financial.


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