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European Tech Tour – Web & Communities Summit: D-Day minus 2


It is d-day minus 2 for Tech Tour Web & Communities summit, and d-day minus 3 for Audemars Piguet ‘s Changing Time Award Dinner.

I very much look forward to covering the event, and meeting & interviewing the 25 CEOs of the selected companies and the members of the selection committee.

The event kicks off on Wednesday with the Cocktail & Gala Opening Dinner with a Keynote Speech by Morten Lund at Chateau de Chillon (in Montreux, Switzerland).
Thursday will be busy with several sessions dedicated to company presentations and tech showcases.

It is going to be a great opportunity to network with some of the most well-known, passionate, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the industry.

The line-up is still confidential. We just know that two of the finalists arewikio and dailymotion. I invite you to check the official press release for more information.

Ap_dinner_smallDuring the Audemars Piguet award ceremony, I will have the pleasure to interview:

Georges-Henri Meylan, CEO of Audemars Piguet, and Sven Lingjaerde, Founder & President at European Tech Tour Association.
I invite you to check the list of finalists.


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