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Etronika: Kinect Banking at the Branch, Minority Report Style [INTERVIEW]

Etronika demoed their new banking interface tapping Microsoft’s Kinect technology and meant to provide a more engaging type of customer experience at the branch.

Last week, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative digital services and platforms, I managed to record a short interview with the demoing company with arguably the most ‘futuristic’ solution this year, Etronika.

When Etronika was on stage, the first thing which came to my mind was Tom Cruise and his innovative computer interface in the Spielberg movie ‘Minority Report’.  The film was released back in 2002, so it took tech companies only ten years to catch up, and you might just be able to try this tech out yourself at your bank’s flagship branches as soon as Q2 2012.  By the way, France’s LCL is currently experimenting Microsoft’s kinect technology in ten of its branches

But how sleek is the solution, and how well does it work?  And more importantly, how much will it appeal to your clients?  Personally, I can’t wait to see the application of this technology at home, within the online bank, and with gamification features and social media integration.

I invite you to watch my short interview with Kestutis Gardziulis – Co-Founder & CEO.

– Please note there is a bug with youtube which is duplicating some of my videos, and therefore this video is only half as long as the time indicated –

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