EFMA’s Online Financial Services 2008 – Interview with Tim Collins, SVP Experiential Marketing at Wells Fargo


It was a pleasure to participate to EFMA’sOnline Financial Services for the second year in a row.

I had a great time in Athens. Even though you could feel the credit crunch (in Barcelona last year, the audience was twice as big), the quality of the speakers and the attendees was still outstanding.
Congratulations to Philippe and the rest of the EFMA team.

Tim Collins, SVP Experiential Marketing at Wells Fargo
Eventually, I managed to shoot my video interview with Tim!
In the last 18 months, we met two times in London and we almost had lunch together in San Francisco after Jim Bruene‘s FinovateStartup08.

Wells Fargo’s Someday Stories
WellsfargoblogsomedaystoriesWe started the interview talking about the latest social media experiment from Wells, launched six months ago: Wells Fargo’s Someday Stories.

It is an integration of the classic promotion with social media.
The competition will end this week. They received over 100,000 votes. Wells did a good job spreading the word: they launched a Facebook page(250+ fans), they contacted bloggers, participated to blogger events.

Wells Fargo, a Social Media Pioneer
Then we talked about blogging (moderation, negative comments, spam), relationship with Legal & Compliance (or shall I say partnership),employee advocacy and employee retention, success criteria and strategy which are both depending on the goals from the Business.

I invite you to watch my video interview with Tim:

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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