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Dodilio Launches Global Investment Community Tapping Custom Research

Dodilio: A Social Network For The Professional Investment Community To Access Custom Research, Launched Oct. 1

Dodilio, a newly launched subscription-based community for investment professionals focuses on providing curated customer research and corporate access services.

Dodilio: A Social Network For The Professional Investment Community To Access Custom Research, Launched Oct. 1Dodilio.com is an online auction platform that matches the research product buyers and the sellers. The platform allows members to create and share information that eventually affects investment decisions.

The network has specified four stakeholders namely the investor, research provider, investor relations professional and professional service providers. Each of these groups is currently experiencing problems and issues with the systems in place now.

Investors are now bombarded with information with little to no research value and the solution of Dodilio.com is that with this platform investors can now easily access well researched information to help them fulfill their investment goals.

Research providers, with the current systems, find it very hard to know customers who are willing to pay for their expertise and services. Dodilio aims to help these providers by identifying potential clients.

Investor relations professionals also find it hard to continue satisfying the demands for lead generation among professional investors. The platform helps investor relations professionals by identifying important influences of the stock of their clients which in turn promotes new and better research.

Professional service providers can also benefit using this social media platform opened to service providers like doctors, lawyers and scientists who can help them get new targeted clients willing to pay for customer research.

The Dodilio platform allows the users to filter posts from other social media channels to only contain those related to investments. There is also an auction exchange where users can post their requests for custom research; the platform will find the right experts to conduct the research for you while you remain anonymous.

The Dodilio Team

Board of Advisers

  • Kevin Carroll, Founder of Pulse Trading
  • Jeff Forbes, Director of Research at State Street Global Markets
  • Paul Jackson, Former Fidelity Global Technology Money Manager
  • Mike McCarthy, Director, National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), Boston Chapter
  • Marc Paley, Former Head of Global Equities at Lehman Brothers
  • Paul Scura, Former Head of Investment Banking at Prudential Securities

Peter Wright, Dodilio founder: “The traditional sell-side research market has been in secular decline for over a decade. Two segments in the research market, however, have continued to grow over the past decade – corporate access services and custom research – the two major niches on which we intend to focus.”


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