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Deutsche Bank Taps Social Customer Care Banking [Twitter Facebook]

Deutsche Bank Taps Social Customer Care Banking

Deutsche Bank taps social customer care banking via social networking sites. Users can reach the bank from 0800 to 2000 on Facebook and Twitter for their services and concerns.

Deutsche Bank Taps Social Customer Care BankingThe bank is a complimentary service that includes investment contracts, remittances, and other banking business.

Deutsche Bank (@DeutscheBank) publishes valuable tips and information about service issues in Twitter and Facebook to quickly answer your questions.

Since the security of data cannot be guaranteed on a public network, the bank provides a dedicated e-mail address where you can send your confidential data such as PIN and account numbers. The staff will then delete your email for your safety after addressing your concerns.

Deutsche Bank’s top priority is customer satisfaction through its fast, personal, and uncomplicated services. The staffs are trained to answer questions as accurately as possible within 24 hours.

The customer service team is composed of 17 core members who are in charge of addressing all your concerns. An extended service team composed of 18 individuals will ensure you a personal and uncomplicated customer service.

As of this time, Deutsche Bank Service’s Twitter (@DeuBaService) profile is being followed by 546 people and their Facebook page has 782 likes.

However, users are requested to write in a polite tone, if possible, since the team will delete posts that contain slanderous remarks, illegal content, discriminatory content, misleading information, irrelevant, confidential information, and content that contains viruses, trojans and malicious sites.

Key customer contacts:

Key Stats

  • Deutsche Bank is open to questions and concerns from 8 to 20 Facebook and Twitter time, and within 24 hours.


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Source: (@DeutscheBank)

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How will a service like this improve the acceptance of customers in using social media channels in their banking transactions? If you are a customer, are you satisfied with the security measures put on by Deutsche Bank?

We invite you to share your thoughts about the role of social media in banking, here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.


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  1. This is good. But anything that’s not 24×7 is below customer expectations. Also, 24hr response is way too long. “Immediate” is expected and 1 hr promise would be a basic entry point. The old paradigms don’t work in these mediums.

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