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Credit Agricole Fosters the Appeal for Digital Banking Nationwide [VIDEO]

Credit Agricole Centre Est Promotes Digital Banking Services Social Media

One regional bank from the Credit Agricole banking group released a youtube video promoting their digital banking services outside the largest French cities.

I invite you to watch the Credit Agricole Centre-Est’s video available on YouTube, ‘Agence Locale et Digitale Crédit Agricole Centre Est‘.

The description reads: “Proximity is at the heart of value creation: the branch is at the “central point” of the customer relationship.  After 10 years our model still relies on our local branches which in addition to the physical proximity (which is our history, our DNA, our strength) also offers a close customer relationship via digital, mobile banking and social media services.”

The Credit Agricole emphasizes its digital banking services, including their mobile banking apps -including ‘Castore‘ their mobile app store relying on open innovation- and their active social media presence on the likes of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

In the last 3 years, the French banking industry established itself as one of the most innovative on digital and social media with the likes of BNP Paribas’s ‘Hello Bank‘, Societe Generale’s ‘SG_etvous‘ and Credit Agricole’s ‘Tookam‘.

If I’ve been one of the very first champions for social media highlighting the importance of tapping twitter and facebook -and the voice of the customer- to improve the overall quality of customer relationships in financial services, I’ve also always recognized the limited potential of social banking in more rural areas where IT literacy is limited, broadband internet is not as fast and social media penetration and activity are modest/low.

What do you think of the Credit Agricole banking group commitment to providing social media services in rural areas?  Do you think it’s a big differentiator?  Can facebook banking beats branch banking in the French countryside within the next few years?

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