CitiDirect Mobile Stats: 12 Months, $10 billion, 86 Countries [Transaction Banking]

Citibank online banking transaction on mobile touches $10 billion in 1 year

Citibank’s online banking transactions exceeded $10 billion across 86 countries in just one year thanks to the CitiDirect BESM Mobile service developed by the Citi Transaction Services unit.

Citibank online banking transaction on mobile touches $10 billion in 1 yearAs part of its vision to become the world’s digital bank, Citi has started to invest in and co-create with technology teams and innovation labs in order to stay ahead of the current technology trends.

According to the global head of Treasury and Trade Solutions of Citi, Naveed Sultan, they have more than reached their goals. The endorsement of CitiDirect BE Mobile in a short time has provided clients innovative developments to meet their needs thus increasing the company’s client adoption and improving commercialization.

CitiDirect BE Mobile is developed by Citi Innovation Lab Dublin in partnership with the CitiDirect technology team. It allows clients to access available core transaction functionality with CitiDirect Online Banking with the use of their tablets and mobile phones. Services included are optimized mobile phone usability, authorized imported file transactions, balance and transaction status checks, creation, authorization, release and delete of batch payments, and receiving of alerts.

CitiDirect BE Mobile is now available in 12 languages worldwide including 400,000 users who represent over 60,000 clients. It will be continuously released internationally in order to make mobile access to other Transaction Services solutions and businesses possible.

Key Stats

  • Mobile online transaction value of Citibank in one year: $10 billion in 86 countries
  • CitiDirect BE Mobile is available in 12 languages
  • CitiDirect BE Mobile has over 400,000 users over 60,000 clients

Naveed Sultan, Citi Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions: “We are extremely pleased that clients have endorsed CitiDirect BE Mobile in such a short amount of time. From CitiDirect BE Mobile, we have learned that when you provide clients with innovative solutions that meet their changing needs, accelerated client adoption and commercialization are very achievable.”

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