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  • Marco Marazia Banca Widiba Customer Reviews

    Banca Widiba: Banking on Reviews, Customer Empowerment

    In my video interview, Marco Marazia – Banca Widiba’s !’s Head of Business and Offers talks us through their focus on empowering the customer via transparency.  EFMA Distribution Summit 2015. In March 2015, I was delighted to deliver my 10th speaking engagement for the European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA) as part of the Digital Banking and Social Media […] More

  • ANZ Bank Innovation Cocreation Banking Customer

    ANZ Bank Innovation: Co-Creation in the Consumers World

    The Australian Market & Social Research Society presents the results of ANZ Bank’s co-creation effort which turned the customer into a driving force in the banking innovation process. The Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) is a non-profit professional membership body having more than 2,000 market and social research professionals as members who have dedicated their […] More

  • Global Crowdfunding

    Global P2P Crowdfunding Market to Reach $34.4 Billion in 2015

    Report Forecasts Total Global Crowdfunding to Reach $34.4 Billion in 2015, With North America Remaining the Largest Market and Asia, Outpacing Europe in 2014, in Second Place. In just a matter of a few years, Crowdfunding has evolved from a small creative concept to a big industry that is influencing government policies and encouraging banking […] More

  • ZMOT Google Zero Moment of Truth

    Google’s Head of Retail EMEA on the Zero Moment of Truth

    In this video, Andy Burgess – Google’s Head of Retail EMEA highlights the importance of the zero moment of truth in social commerce. I invite you to watch this youtube video recently uploaded by the Google Enterprise team on the Zero Moment of Truth, ‘Atmosphere London 2014 – Andy Burgess – Interview‘. Andy Burgess – […] More

  • Barclays Skeptic Customers Mobile Banking Experiment

    Barclays Convinces Skeptic Mobile Banking Customers [VIDEOS]

    Barclays bank aims to convince banking customers of the value of mobile banking with a tactical video marketing experiment tapping a limited form of the voice of the customer. Driving self-servicing is critical to any financial services firm, and mobile banking plays a critical part in strengthening the relationships with your banking customers. Barclays Bank […] More

  • Sterling Bank Social Lender Social Reputation

    Sterling Bank Launches Social Lender, Rewards Good Social Reputation

    Nigeria’s Sterling Bank introduced a new social lending service, ‘Social Lender’ which lets banking customers borrow cash based on the quality of their social reputation. It’s another social media banking innovation coming from Nigeria. This time, it’s Sterling Bank‘s turn to shine: back in June 2014, they launched an innovative social lending platform named ‘social […] More

  • Hello Bank Gives Social Customer Care Center Stage in Latest TV Ads

    BNP Paribas’ new European digital bank, Hello Bank! gives social customer care (webchat, twitter, facebook) center stage in their latest TV ads. A few days ago, Hello Bank published on its official YouTube channel another three videos putting the emphasis on their social customer care service via webchat (or arguably twitter for that matter): ‘Hello […] More

  • Erste Bank Banking Innovation Lab Sparkasse Crowdsourcing Gamification

    Erste Bank Taps Crowdsourcing and Gamification with New Banking Innovation Lab

    With its ‘s LAB’ aka ‘Sparkasse Lab’ focused on open innovation, Erste Bank became the latest financial institution to crowdsource the bank of the future with its customers via gamification. On 5th September, Austria’s Erste Bank and Sparkasse introduced its new banking innovation lab tapping crowdsourcing and including some gamification features, with the video attached […] More

  • Barclays Your Bank Ideabank Crowdsourcing Banking Innovation

    Barclays Taps Crowdsourcing with the ‘Your Bank’ Ideabank [Banking Innovation]

    Barclays officially launched its ‘Your Bank’ platform, an ideabank inviting banking customers to help drive innovation at the UK bank. Yesterday, Barclays bank UK kick started its latest nationwide brand campaign by posting on its official YouTube channel a series of videos highlighting its new banking customer crowdsourcing platform, Barclays ‘Your Bank‘.       […] More

  • Crowdsourcing Wells Fargo Bank Invites Facebook Fans Design Banking Stores

    Wells Fargo Invites Facebook Fans To Design its Stores [Banking Crowdsourcing]

    Wells Fargo bank invites its facebook fans -and banking customers- to flag the innovative features they’d like to find in their stores design. Simple banking crowdsourcing in action. As part of our Visible Banking Facebook Watch series, we track 1,200+ facebook pages from financial institutions based in over 80 countries, including Wells Fargo. Last week, my team […] More