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  • Apple Pay Mobile Payments

    Apple Promotes Apple Pay Ahead of Samsung, Android Pay Launch

    A few days before the Android Pay and Samsung Pay launches, Apple finally published a video promoting its popular Apple Pay service among Apple Watch owners. About a year after launch, Apple has recently published their first official YouTube video focused exclusively on their mobile payment service, Apple Pay. Since the initial take up of […] More

  • Lloyds Banking Group Simply Internet Banking Customer Experience

    Lloyds Simplifies Online/Mobile Banking, Drives Customer Experience

    Lloyds Banking Group is aiming to deliver an improved customer experience by simplifying their internet banking service, both online and on mobile. Lloyds Banking Group is making both online and mobile banking simpler.  Customers will see a number of improvements, like quicker access to their day-to-day banking tasks and a better experience on touch screen […] More

  • Digitisation Retail Banking EFMA Mysis

    The Digitisation of Retail Banking [INFOGRAPHIC]

    The EFMA published this infographic on the digitisation of retail banking to tease its upcoming study on ‘banks’ evolution to customer-driven sales’ in partnership with Mysis. The EFMA will publish in July 2015 their study on ‘Customer-centric, product-centric, sales-centric: Banks’ evolution to customer-driven sales‘. Efma database research highlights that the number one management priority for […] More

  • Google Wallet FDIC Mobile Insurance

    Google Wallet Funds are now FDIC-Insured

    If you keep funds in your Google Wallet account, you will be a lot more in peace now as from now on your money is insured by the FDIC. According to news by Yahoo Finance, Google will now insure the money that you keep in a Google Wallet or in a bank that is insured […] More

  • USAA Pilot Drones Insurance Claim Management

    AIG and USAA to Pilot Drones for Insurance Claim Management

    AIG and USAA, two insurance innovation leaders, are about to start experimenting with drones to speed up the claim management process. The Federal Aviation Administration has approved USAA’s plan to test unmanned aircraft system aka drones to help speed up the review of insurance claims from the members after a natural disaster. USAA has become […] More

  • ING Mobile Banking Digital Payments 2015

    ING Mobile Banking and Digital Payments 2015 [REPORT]

    Towards a cashless society. Mobile Banking has always been known for its convenience, but the new ING Mobile Banking and digital payments 2015 report explores a range of other benefits. The ING International Survey on Mobile Banking, Latest Technologies and Financial Behaviour of the Consumers examines other aspects such as mobile shopping and new payment […] More

  • google mobile algorithm 2015

    Mobile SEO 2015: Get Ready for Google’s Algorithm Change [Infographic]

    On April 21, Google will unveil their updated search algorithm which will dramatically impact non “mobile friendly” websites. Make sure to revise your mobile SEO strategy. Google will release soon an extensively updated search algorithm which will include a range of changes focusing essentially on rewarding mobile performance. Don’t underestimate the impact on your traffic, should your […] More

  • CommBank Mobile Banking App Smartwatches

    CommBank Launches New Banking Apps for Smartwatches

    CommBank’s customers will soon be able to use their mobile banking app directly on their smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, and enjoy the convenience of wearables. Last week, CommBank announced that they will be soon introducing their CommBank app for smartwatches. While the Android app is in the pilot stage, the app for Apple Watch […] More

  • CommonWealth Bank Banking Innovation Customer Privacy

    Banking Innovation Leader Guarantees Customer Information is Private and Safe

    Big data, PFM and social media each present an immense opportunity to better target, empower and serve banking customers. CommonWealth Bank guarantees customer privacy and safety of personal information. A couple of days ago, I came across this 5-video series on innovation and customer privacy on the CommonWealth Bank of Australia YouTube channel. In the […] More

  • BNP Paribas TEB Mobile Banking App Samsung Gear2 Smartwatch Wearables

    TEB Banks on Wearables with First Banking App for Latest Samsung SmartWatch

    Wearables. BNP Paribas TEB is pushing the mobile banking innovation envelope once again with world’s first banking application for Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch. Yesterday, TEB‘s Head of Mobile Financial Services and new technology implementation made me aware of their latest mobile banking innovation. Just six month after launching Turkey’s first financial application on Google Glass, the […] More