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Caja Navarra Launches an Innovative Twitter Contest Based on DMs (Spain)

Social media banking. Caja Navarra Launches an Innovative Twitter Contest Based on DMs (Spain).

Those of you who are familiar with my work on Visible Banking would already know quite a lot about Caja Navarra (CAN), not only one of the fastest growing Spanish saving banks, but more importantly one of the most transparent banks worldwide with its Civic Banking model launched a few years ago by their CEO, Enrique Goñi.

I know the dynamic CAN / Banca Civica digital team very well, in particular Fernando Egido – Head of Bank 2.0, and Carlos Mendez – Online Campaign Manager.

Last February, I have been fairly critical (always in a constructive way) of the presence of CAN on twitter, especially their account dedicated to their customers, Cancha24. Fernando and his team took my recommendations into account, and they came up with this new initiative.

A few days ago, CAN launched a twitter contest aimed to increase the size of their follower base, and increase the awareness about Banca Civica, the newly formed banking group made of Caja de Burgos, Caja Canarias, and of course Caja Navarra.

I invite you to check a 10mn video with my comments on this buzzing initiative.

In case the video doesn’t display correctly, I invite you to watch it directly on my youtube account.

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