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Bradesco Becomes Latest Major Bank to Open Innovative Branch of the Future

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Bradesco, one of Brazil’s leading banks and one of the most active financial institutions in social media with over 1 million likes on facebook, recently launched its own branch of the future packed with the latest digital innovations and gizmos.

Bradesco Brand of the Future RobotIn one of its main branches in Sao Paolo, Bradesco showcases a broad range of banking technology innovations such as touch-in technology -based on biometrics-, ‘Life Cycle’ -a personalized PFM service on steroids-, a ‘one-to-one’ customer service room for clients to interact privately with digital avatars or request a video conference with an investment specialist, touchscreen display tables in a more peaceful environment -the ‘Mesa Lounge’-…

Congratulations to the Innovation Team at Bradesco.  As a matter of fact, I know first hand how difficult it is to get funding for such major innovative projects.

Candido Leonelli, Exec Director of Bradesco: “The challenge was to create an innovative space to interact with our clients, a place where technology would adapt to their needs and allow for interaction, something that would match our view of how the relationship between bank agencies and customers would be conducted in the future.”

Please find below a video talking us through the concept behind Bradesco’s flagship branch.

In case you are not aware, this futuristic branch is part of Bradesco Next, allegedly the first project of its kind in the world, which promises to surpass everyone’s expectations due to its advanced technology, elegant design and truly innovative concept reaffirming the financial institution’s vocation as one of Brazil’s most innovative and visionary banks.

Considering the cost of those branches, the ‘limited access’ to those flagship stores available to customers who live in huge cities -whose feedback and expectations are not necessarily representative of the banks massive nationwide customer base-, and the rapid growth in popularity of digital channels such as online, mobile and social…

How valuable and useful do you think those branch of the future projects are?  How positive are those big budget innovation projects perceived by your regular customers and your shareholders?

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  1. They certainly are not an integral part of a bank’s delivery model. One of the primary reasons for banks moving away from the branch model is the high capex and running costs and this extravagance is a step backward. This however does not mean concept branches are a no-no but as long as it does not just deliver engagement value beyond what other channels provide, it cannot be an integral part of the bank’s distribution model

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