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BBVA Compass Launches Great Ideas for Small Business Social Series

BBVA Compass Great Ideas Small Business Social Media Events

BBVA Compass launches its ‘great ideas for small business social series’ of events to help SMBs grow their business by meeting experts, networking with their peers, fully leveraging social media.

BBVA Compass Great Ideas Small Business Social Media EventsBBVA Compass recently launched its Great Ideas for Small Business Social Series that aims to provide a platform for small business owners to learn, share and network with other entrepreneurs and also learn how to take their business forward from industry experts.

BBVA Compass launched the seminar series last year with the aim to offer its support to small business owners in 10 key markets where they have a footprint, including Austin, Birmingham, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Phoenix and San Diego. Each of the events will have three main divisions –

  • Meet-and-Greet
  • Networking Session
  • Presentation by industry experts

Their event at the small business resource center Café Commerce in San Antonio offered the attendees an insight into the power of social media for small businesses and ways to access business capital. The event was marked by a presentation by the BBVA Compass Small Business Executive Director, Lonnie Hayes, on the current lending climate, loan application processes and the different financing options for small businesses.

BBVA Compass Social Media Channel Manager Katie Gulas talked about the advantages of using social media for improving customer service and reaching out to potential clients.

BBVA Compass Small Business Director, Elizabeth Dobbers, said of the event:

“We created the seminars as a way to offer small business owners the resources and knowledge needed to continue to grow their businesses. Our goal is to become a partner for entrepreneurs who need more than just financial resources to flourish.”

In addition, the bank shares the best practices and success strategies using popular social media platforms, including Facebook and twitter, on the Great Ideas for Small Business Social Series website during and after each of their events. This will allow entrepreneurs unable to attend the seminars to know what the industry experts are saying and will be able to ask questions to them.

If you are interested in attending the BBVA Compass seminars, click here to register.

BBVA Compass is the latest bank to spend some time and budget educating and empowering small businesses on how to navigate the difficult economic times and how to use social media and the likes of twitter and Facebook to drive customer advocacy.

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