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Banking Barclays Connector: Another Online Community For Small Businesses

Banking Barclays Connector Online Community Small Businesses Video

Banking Barclays Connector: another online community for small businesses. With this free open business networking platform, Barclays became the latest leading UK bank to tap social media  to engage with the SME market.

This morning, I noticed a recent youtube video upload from Barclays Bank in the UK: ‘barclays_connector_-_youtube_file_delivery_1280x720‘.  I suspect the video title will change soon.  By the way, this demonstrates the importance of social media optimization, here YouTube (video and channel), starting with the file name of your video files…

Currently, Banking Barclays Connector Online Community Small Businesses VideoI have to say that I don’t have too much info on the Barclays Connector platform to share with you.  I registered this morning, but I didn’t have a chance to test the interface, explore the content, connect with fellow members.

I will keep you posted on twitter (@Visible_Banking) as soon as I do.

No social media buzz or earned media yet

So far, I didn’t notice any significant amount of social media conversations about the platform, except a few tweets about Barclays Connector starting back in November 2012, when Barclays bank (@BarclaysBizChat) soft launched the initiative:

[tweet https://twitter.com/BarclaysBizChat/status/271694380069425152]

[tweet https://twitter.com/BarclaysBizChat/status/278075369515540480]

[tweet https://twitter.com/torbaytowns/status/303470971254353920]

[tweet https://twitter.com/emmaljones/status/307516065443889153]

[tweet https://twitter.com/BarclaysBizChat/status/312518543629484033]

My take

I’ve always championed the use of social media in financial services with a focus on small businesses (including intermediaries).  The opportunity still remains mostly untapped: in the last 6 years, few financial services firms have succeeded like American Express with their OPEN Forum, and many have failed like Fortis Bank with Join2Grow.biz (2007), Advanta with ideablob (2009), or HSBC UK with their HSBC Business Network (2010).

Earlier this year, RBS and NatWest launched BizCrowd, a self-proclaimed online community (more of a marketplace with social media features) for small businesses in the UK.  One of Turkey’s financial giants, Akbank launched its Social SMEs targeted facebook app tapping gamification.

So, how successful do you think Barclays Bank could be with Barclays Connector, their online community for small businesses?  If you are a UK SME, what would it take to use such a platform in addition (or instead) of established, trusted, business networking sites like Linkedin?

We invite you to share your early thoughts about Barclays Connector here, via twitter or on our Facebook page.

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