Banking 2.0 V-News: Focus on Wells Fargo

From my opinion, Wells Fargo is “The” perfect example of how a bank should leverage the web 2.0. Tim Collins, SVP Experiential Marketing, andEd Terpening, VP Social Media, surely have two of the most exciting jobs in the banking industry!

Back in 2005, Wells Fargo became one of the most innovative banks online when they became the first major bank to have a presence on Second Life.vSafe: online storage facility
Vsafe_4Last week, Wells Fargo announced the launch of v-Safe, another innovative service available online.

The service will allow customers to securely store documents such as financial statements, loan and tax documents, wills, passports and birth, marriage and death certificates in an electronically secure centralised location.

Bt_digital_vaultIn the UK, BT successfully launched its BT Digital Vaultservice. And O2 is currently extensively promoting its O2 Bluebook service.
WF’s goal is surely to increase stickiness, customer retention. Will they also manage to somehow increase the share of wallet of their users?

According to you, is it the role of telcos or banks to help us store our valuable documents?

I welcome another innovative initiative from Wells Fargo, but shouldn’t banks focus first on increasing the level of security of online banking? Many customers are still not comfortable with banking online… Are they ready to trust their bank and store non-financial documents online? Won’t they see that as another way for banks to profile them?

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