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Banking 2.0 – FinovateStartup: Focus on ClairMail


I covered the first Finovate event organized by Jim Bruene back in October 2007 (in New York City). The event was such a success (it sold out in only 6 weeks) that Jim decided to organize two more Finovate events in 2008: FinovateStartup & Finovate 08.

I was delighted when Jim invited me to be the official live blogger on NetBanker at FinovateStartup in San Francisco. Before the event, I plan to blog about most of the 40 startups which will demo their products. My goal is to give you a brief overview of those innovative startups.

ClairMail, one of the most innovative mobile banking solution providers
ClairmailClairMail is one of the most innovative and successful moblie banking solution providers worldwide. I met Joe Salesky, ClairMail’s Founder and CEO, at Finovate 07 in New York. In March 07 at the online_banking_summit_2007 in Charlotte North Carolina, I met the knowledgeable and extremely well connected Keith Gray, one of Joe’s key team members.

Joe was one of the key speakers at Finovate 2007. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to interview him at Finovate, but we kept in touch. I will make sure Joe appears on Visible Banking in May.

ClairMail’s technology allows companies to offer convenient, secure and always-on 2-way mobile services to their customers by using any mobile phone’s existing software and standard capabilities.

Last year, ClairMail won the RedHerring 100 Global Award. A good example of how innovative and forward thinking ClairMail is: they partnered with Wells Fargo to test their SMS Banking System back in June 2007.

I invite you to keep track of ClairMail on Brandon McGee’s blog.


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