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Bank Pays Respect to its Late Co-Founder on Facebook

Yesterday, Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) paid tribute to its late Co-Founder on their popular facebook page (175k+ likes as of today). It seems like facebook was one of the very first communication channels the bank used to reach out to their commmunity online. Not only did they come up with a custom logo commemorating the beloved Tayo Aderinokun, they also published two wall posts: a picture of Mr Aderinokun (315 likes & 1,239 comments so far) and a link to an official press release (180 likes & 655 comments so far).
Check out the comments on those two posts. The level of support and show of respect is outstanding and it seems like people are really grateful for Mr Aderinokun’s achievements. 0I1 must admit I’m delighted (and kind of relieved) that nobody hijacked those posts for their personal use or to vent about the current bank strategy or products.

Needless to say that:
1. the bank must be closely monitoring those posts to get rid to any comments off topics,
2. the community would surely autoregulate itself and be quick to tell any negative contributors off ‘with a passion’!

Are you aware of any similar initiatives on facebook across all industries? Very few companies could do the same (especially in banking): you need to have an extremely visible, respected and loved Founder or CEO to reach out to so many people and get their sympathy. GT Bank’s facebook is currently ranked #15 in our Visible Banking Facebook Watch series (we track over 900 pages and apps in 70+ countries). As of 1st June, only 17 pages in our last counted over 100,000 likes…


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