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American Express Leverages Twitter Brilliantly (Again) with ‘Sync’

In early March 2012, American Express confirmed its position as king of social media in financial services. The leading us-based cards and payments company launched  another brilliant initiative on twitter: ‘Sync’ which enables cardholders to connect their credit card to their twitter accounts and enjoy discounts at Amex’s leading merchants by tweeting specific hashtags.

I am a big fan of American Express which is unarguably the top financial services firm worldwide in the social media space.

Their social strategy is totally aligned with their business strategy and they are totally focused on finding innovative, intuitive, ways to tap into the likes of facebook or twitter in order to generate business and drive value for their card holders, their smaller merchants and their corporate partners.

Earlier this month, and a few months after a similar integratiion with Foursquare, American Express launched ‘Twitter Sync, another brilliant initiative where Amex removes as much friction as possible, and successfully drives a tremendous amount of activity on twitter but more more importantly a huge volume of real business transactions and ‘savings’.

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