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adtech London 07: a day full of excellent meetings

Excellent networking opportunity

One of the key benefits of attending adtech was the opportunity to meet with my peers and renowned experts. On the second day, I managed to talk (one-to-one) to over 20 people again.

I even managed to shoot three video interviews:
* Erik Hauser, Creative Director of Swivel Media and Founder of the Experiential Marketing Forum
Catherine Ossemerct, Head of Media-Channels at Fortis Merchant and Private Banking
* John-Paul Bernbach, Content Manager at Join2Grow

I met some delegates from the following companies: Revolution, ebuddy, oddcast, otolabs, hitwise, intel, CapitalOne, eMarketer, Fortis, Yahoo!, ElmarReizen, tripadvisor, foviance, C2C, STA Travel, Swivel media, IBM.

The conference
I attended the following sessions:
* Brand Building in the Digital Age
* Online Branding: strategy and measurement
* Exploiting Emerging Online Segments
* Virtual Worlds – what value can they bring beyond PR & market research


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