UBA Launches U-Social Banking on Facebook and Twitter

UBA U-Social Banking Twitter

UBA became Nigeria’s latest bank to launch a social media banking service on Facebook and twitter named U-Social.

UBA U-Social Banking TwitterU-Social is an innovative social media banking solution which offers flexibility and convenience to customers who desire to do banking transactions on social media. This product is designed to promote financial inclusion and to make UBA’s services available to customers regardless of the time and their location.

UBA’s U-Social on Facebook: Features & Benefits

  • Online Account Opening: Allows online account opening. Accounts only become operative when KYC requirements have been met
  • Service Locator: Provides location guide of UBA Business Offices/ATMs
  • Enrolment: Enables self-enrolment for users (only account holders with full KYC)
  • Mini Account Statement: Customers can generate mini statements and keep track of their accounts
  • Airtime Top up: Allows customers to top up airtime on their mobile devices
  • Bill Payments: Utility bills, Pay TV subscription e.t.c can be paid on this platform
  • Funds Transfer: Send money to UBA and non-UBA accounts
  • Cheque Book Services: You can request, confirm and stop cheques
  • Customer Service: Interact with us 24/7

UBA’s U-Social on Twitter (TweetAlert)

Customers can also receive real time alerts on their twitter account. This service is known as UBA TweetAlert and it helps customers to have a clear overview of transactions on their accounts.

UBA Group also created a dedicated twitter hashtag (#BeUSocial) to track the twitter conversations about its new U-Social banking service.

Bank on Facebook #BeUSocial

I invite you to watch the YouTube video posted by UBA yesterday.

This initiative from UBA Group demonstrates that the Nigerian banking industry, similarly to India and Turkey, is keen to stay at the forefront of social media banking.

If I welcome this U-Social banking service, it’s falls short of pushing the boundaries of social banking neither on Facebook nor on twitter when compared to the likes of India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank and their ‘Hashtag Banking’ initiative or France’s BPCE with their twitter P2P payment service.

In the last couple of years, two other Nigerian banks have launched a number of innovative social banking services: GTBank and Sterling Bank with their ‘Social Lender’ programme.

Last but not least, considering the amount of innovations on social media from the Nigerian banking industry, I was surprised social media wasn’t even mentioned as such in a recent infographic highlighting customer consideration when selecting a banking partner in Nigeria.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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Currently, Christophe is 'Social Media Senior Managing Consultant' at IBM Interactive Experience. He's also a Digital Advisor at the Financial Services Forum and the Moller Centre (part of the Churchill College in Cambridge).

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