98% Of Inc. 500 CEOs Have Tweeted [Social Media Infographic]

Ninety Eight Percent Of Inc. 500 CEOs Have Tweeted [Social Media Infographic]

A published social media infographic by and DOMO shows that about 98% of Inc. 500 CEOs have tweeted and Dave Kerpen, CEO of a social media marketing firm Likeable Media, is the top Twitter user among them.

Ninety Eight Percent Of Inc. 500 CEOs Have Tweeted [Social Media Infographic]Another CEO looked at by the company is Rupert Murdoch, the top Twitter among Fortune 500 CEOs and works at News Corporation, a mass media company.  While Dave Kerpen has a Facebook profile with over 4,500 friends and 25,400 subscribers, Murdoch has no Facebook profile.

Kerpen has sent out 38,000 tweets, while Murdoch only tweeted more than 500 times. However, Kerpen has only 50,000 followers and Murdoch has over 300,000.

Klout Score, a popular social media metric, scored Rupert Murdoch 90 and Dave Kerpen 82.

When asked about the importance of social media for CEOs, 94% believe that social CEOs will enhance the company’s brand; 93% believe that they will are better equipped to manage crises; and 82% believe they are more reliable and trustworthy.

Social Media CEO Social Business Infographic 2012

Key Stats

  • Inc. 500 CEOs are 7.6 times more likely to tweet
  • 98% of Inc. 500 CEOs have tweeted while over 25% of Fortune 500 CEOs have not tweeted
  • The amount of Facebook friends Inc. 500 CEO is 3.2 times than the top Fortune 500 CEO’s
  • Inc. 500 CEOs are 3 times more likely to have a LinkedIn account than Fortune 500 CEOs
  • 95% of Inc. 500 CEOs have 10 or more LinkedIn connections while Fortune 500 CEOs is only 59%
  • 94% believe that CEOs that are active on social media will enhance the company’s brand
  • 93% believe that CEOs that are active on social media are better at crisis management
  • 82% believe that CEOs that are active on social media are trustworthy

Source: (@socialnewsdaily)

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