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25 First Tweets from the Top 50 Insurance Firms on Twitter

25 First Tweets Top 50 Insurance Twitter Accounts

I put together a list of first tweets from 25 top insurance twitter accounts including New York Life, American Family, HDFC, Progressive and Axa.

25 First Tweets Top 50 Insurance Twitter AccountsTo celebrate its 8th anniversary, the twitter team cleverly released a discovery tool displaying the very first tweet for any given live account.

You can follow the conversations on twitter using the following hashtag #FirstTweet.

I selected 25 of the top 50 most followed insurance and health twitter accounts from the 600+ twitter accounts my Visible Banking team have been following for the last 5 years as part of our Visible Banking Twitter Watch series.

The list of insurance companies mentioned here includes: AAA, AG2R La Mondial, AIG, Allstate, American Family, Anthem Blue Cross, Aviva, Axa Mexico, Banesco, Chubb, GEICO, GNP Seguros, HDFC Life, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, New York Life, NRSC, Progressive, State Farm, VPI, Zurich.


First Tweets from 25 Top Insurance Twitter Accounts

Please find below my 5 favourite first tweets.

Optimize your tweets to maximize their visibility and engagement level. And don’t automate updates from one social media channel like facebook to twitter, the syntax will be poor.

Seriously, Who would you expect to notice this tweet/link? Why would I click it and share it with my followers?

It’s good to clarify your goals and manage expectations. But think twice before promoting your community manager’s personal account (and first naming the account).

Some financial services firms don’t waste time and tap twitter for one of its most popular applications, social customer care.

Flo @ Progressive has done a great job cultivating her familiar and quirky tone of voice that millions of Americans love so much… but very few insurance firm can pull it out.

1-5 | 6-15 (including Allstate, HDFC) |  16-25 (including AIG, American Family)


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